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 Our Mission



In order to make disciples we must have a clear picture of who a mature disciple is:  A mature disciple of Jesus is one who is growing in Christlikeness, living their faith, sharing the Gospel, and serving their King.
We believe a mature disciple:
  • Reads and studies the Bible for him/herself – II Timothy 2:15
  • Prays and listens to the promptings of the Holy Spirit daily – I Thessalonians 5:16-19
  • Shares their faith with others they know and care about regularly – I Peter 3:15
  • Is in fellowship and worship with other believers weekly – Hebrews 10:25
  • Obeys the commands of Scripture with growing consistency – Matthew 28:19 & 20
  • Confesses his/her sin to God and renews their reliance on God with growing consistency – I John 1:8-10
  • Discovers, develops and deploys their spiritual giftedness in serving in a way and place that fits their spiritual  profile – I Corinthians  12:7-11
  • Gives a portion of their time, talent, and treasure to the work of God’s Kingdom – I Corinthians 4:2, & 16:2
  • Practices the Lordship of Christ in their lives with growing consistency – Colossians 3:15-17
  • Has a teachable spirit and is a lifelong learner – I Peter 5:5-7
In order to make disciples we must have a clear and simple process by which people can discover their greatest need for a personal relationship with Jesus through repentance and faith, and then grow from new birth to becoming a mature disciple of Jesus.
Discipleship is the process of bringing a person to the point of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and then enabling then to grow into a mature follower of Jesus.  Discipleship is a work of God.  He most often uses other disciples to accomplish His work.  As the church of Jesus Christ we are called to be a catalyst, encouraging and empowering people to become mature followers of Jesus.
This process includes some discernable steps:
1)   Developing a relationship with non-believers
2)   Sharing your faith with them
3)   Inviting them to repent and follow Jesus
4)   Affirming their genuine commitment to Christ
5)   Establishing the basics of Christian faith
6)   Building the elements of healthy growth
7)   Discovering their spiritual profile
8)   Deploying into appropriate ministry
9)   Practicing lifelong disciplines
10) Reproducing themselves
Everything that Grace Fellowship does should assist and facilitate the discipleship process.
Therefore, as a part of the family at Grace, what does that mean for me?  What do you expect from me?
At Grace Fellowship, this year, the leadership has three primary and three secondary expectations for all followers of Jesus.

Primary Expectations – These are for every follower of Jesus, all the time

1 – WorshipWe encourage every disciple to gather with other disciples and corporately worship God together on a weekly basis.  We will encourage everyone in the Grace family to come and participate in our services every Sunday.
2 – Connect – We believe that no disciple can stand strong if they stand alone!  We were designed for relationship.  We need community.  Together we can stand strong and grow strong.  We will encourage everyone in the Grace family to connect and participate in a life group at Grace on a regular basis.
3 – Serve – We believe that every disciple has been gifted by God for the purpose of serving others to build up the body of Christ and expand His Kingdom.  No disciple is fulfilled until they are fruitful, actively using the gift(s) God has given them to serve others. We will encourage everyone in the Grace family to discover, develop and deploy their ministry profile in a way and place that fits for them.
Secondary Expectations – These are for every follower of Jesus, at certain times and seasons of their lives
4 – Learn – We believe that all disciples need to learn various principles, truths, and concepts that are easily taught in more formal settings at certain times and seasons in their lives.  We also learn principles, truths and concepts in informal ways throughout life.  We will offer classes, seminars, retreats, workshops and more formal settings of learning for those who can benefit from the learning as a way to advance in the discipleship process.
5 – Share – We believe that every disciple is called to live and share their faith with those around them.  While not every disciple is given the gift of evangelism, at some times and in some ways every disciple can share their faith.  We will provide different types of outreach experiences for disciples to have opportunity to interact with, love on, and share with those in our community who are not yet followers of Jesus.
6 – Fellowship – We believe that every disciple needs times of fellowship and renewal with other followers of Jesus.  We believe that most disciples will have these times most consistently within their regular connect experience (Life Groups).  We will however, have different Grace family fellowship experiences where disciples can come together in larger groups and enjoy and be refreshed by the genuine fellowship and community of the Grace family. 

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